That Blogger Life

Hey-o! I’m a few weeks in and already “that blogger life” is a legit thing! I am really loving it and learning so much by following others, joining social media blog groups and mostly by looking for newbie advice from the seasoned professionals!

So what is “that blogger life” like? For me, it’s a lot of “am I doing this right?” or “how do I…” and general contemplation about what I’ve been doing so far! Not going to lie, I have definitely spent some time this week wondering if I should spend more time doing lifestyle blogging versus what I feel is my niche, food/event/social blogging! So if you feel like this, you aren’t alone!

I got into this because I love and am known in my circle for giving local recommendations and being a real “social gal.” Then, I got to thinking that there is no reason why can’t I do both! This is my blog, my decisions, my voice so why can’t I do it all?! That is my blogger life-mixing my love for the social scene with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in!

So even though I’m still a newbie to “that blogger life,” I want to share just a few of the things I’ve already learned and found to be super helpful on this journey! So for any other newbies out there, you got this!

That Blogger Life Advice from a Social Gal:

  • Find your blogging tribe-search social media for blogging groups both in your area and beyond
  • Use social media to your advantage and don’t be afraid to share that you have a new blog post up to get more traction
  • Interact with your followers both on social media and on your blog-they will eventually return that favor
  • Use Pinterest to spark new ideas as well as to see options of other blogs out there
  • Speaking of not being afraid, be open and honest and don’t worry about followers, likes, etc.-do what you love and the rest will come along

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