Relax! (Your Feet)

I am a huge believer in self care but at the same time, I am not someone that relaxes well! I’ve tried everything from yoga to monthly massages, meditation, journaling and just about all the typical ways you could think of to slow the mind and activate relaxation. Most of this came without much luck until I found Relax Your Feet! Cue the happy ending music!

Relax Your Feet focuses on the art of reflexology and my gosh, I’ve never relaxed so good! Whether it’s the comfy seat, great atmosphere or the expert therapists knowing the perfect amount of pressure to apply to the feet, this has been my one way ticket to relaxation!

Relax the Feet 101

Let’s go back and begin with what Relax the Feet provides so you can get a better understanding of the amazingness you are in for when you book your first appointment! They offer 40, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions all focused around reflexology with the option for additional add-ons plus standard add-ons that are a part of the visit. What I mean by the standard add-ons is that your therapist actually begins with your head, neck and shoulders for several minutes before they begin the work on your calves and feet which is standard with most sessions though I am learning that much can be customized as needed.

This all occurs while you are deeply relaxed in an overstuffed chair first with your feet soaking in mineral water then propped up on a very comfortable ottoman. The lighting is down low and soft music fills the room. You hear very little talking and there is none of that distracting light from pesky cellphones so you are truly able to immerse yourself in full relaxation. The minutes truly fly by as you are in a total state of relaxation while your therapist applies the perfect amount of pressure techniques to allow the benefits of reflexology to begin!

So what are the benefits of reflexology? You can read more extensively about all of them at the link for Relax the Feet above but they include increasing blood circulation, detoxifying and cleansing the body, reducing pain, stress and tension plus so much more! So let’s recap, a completely relaxing experience that is both great for the body and mind? Sign me up!


If you are like me and are saying, “sign me up” then lucky for you (and me), Relax the Feet offers two memberships types! The Gold Membership consists of two, one hour sessions for $59.99 a month with an annual activation fee of $49.99 while the Silver Membership is $39.99 a month with a $29.99 annual fee for one, one hour session. Both of these memberships then include additional membership benefits and options that can all be found on their website! Memberships can be cancelled at any time which is a big selling perk for me plus they allow for much deeper discounts off the services! For example, a one hour session will run $60 but with the Gold Membership, you get two, one hour sessions for that cost and with the Silver, you save $20 per session! Keep this in mind if you end up loving it like me and think you will want to keep coming back for more as they are great deals!

Overall, I had all fabulous experiences and look forward to many more! I highly encourage anyone looking for a great way to relax, ease pain or reap the medical benefits of reflexology to check it out! They have three convenient Hampton Roads locations and a membership works at them all! If you aren’t local to the area, I encourage you to do a quick reflexology google search and get yourself to the nearest spot and relax those feet!

A Social Gal’s Tips for First Timers:

  • Wear something comfortable for putting your feet up on the ottoman (would not recommend shorter dresses)
  • Ditch the makeup if you can as they will rub your forehead and eye area (sinus pressure areas)
  • Refrain from heavy lotions and foot creams before your appointment
  • Put your phone away and be sure it’s silenced
  • Talk to your therapist about any problem areas
  • Relax, relax, relax

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