Xo Hair Lab

Xo Hair Lab is a wonderful salon and spa conveniently located in Chesapeake, Virginia. I am definitely a girl that is quite protective over who cuts and colors her hair but I started following Xo Hair Lab on social media awhile back and then finally took a friend’s recommendation and scheduled my appointment. I loved the amazing work that I saw on their social media accounts and the beautiful photos of not only their salon but of the magic they perform on their clients’ hair! Taking a chance and booking that first appointment was an excellent decision and one that I am so glad I made.

Specializing in beautiful colors across the spectrum from bright pinks and greens to copper tones, auburns, and any other color you can imagine, your stylist will help you create the perfect look. I love seeing all the beautiful colors of the various clients as well as on the stylists every time I visit! Believe me when I say that the stylists at Xo Hair Lab are experts on all things color! Additionally, don’t be deterred by all the bright colors that’s Xo Hair Lab specializes in because they are equally as amazing at making your blonde, brunette, red head, and such dreams come true.

I have been impressed with each and every experience from my first visit to my most recent which was just the other day. Catherine, my stylist, took the time to get to know my likes and dislikes, reason I was salon shopping and what exactly I was looking for during my first visit. This gesture quickly won me over and gave me the confidence to allow Catherine to use her expertise to change up my current color with something brand new. She absolutely nails it every time and makes me feel very excited not only about my updated color but about the experiences as a whole!

I could go on and on about how great Xo Hair Lab is but I will sum it up by saying that if you are local, you definitely need to make an appointment ASAP and if you aren’t local, I sincerely hope your city has a salon as great as Xo!

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