A Newbie in Ulta Beauty

Alright, alright, I know it sounds crazy! I am new on the scene to the Ulta beauty world, but I do have good reason! And like so many others, I am now officially hooked!

I Blame Mom

For years, ever since I started wearing it (probably middle school?) my mother preached the importance of buying good quality makeup. This stuck to me like false eyelashes and gee has that been an expensive habit ever since. All kidding aside, I am so glad she did this because to this day, I am fortunate enough to have good skin and to be able to use makeup to enhance my look rather than to conceal skin challenges. Thanks Mom!

However, her preaching did lead me to developing some very deep and real makeup obsessions. I have been for quite a while, scared out of my mind to change up most of my products. I am just now, at age 32, willing to play around with various makeup brands and products. Insanity, I know!


As I mentioned, I had been stuck in my makeup wearing ways for a really long time. First it was only wearing Urban Decay eye shadow in the shiniest colors you could find. Then it was a period of time, a long period of cringeworthy time, where my main makeup essential was black eye liner only. Ah! Then, I became Chanel obsessed afraid to vary from the neutrals and extremely high price tag that came with their line. (Note: I still love Chanel and swear by several of their products).

Where did this fear come from? At first, I was always worried that my skin would react negatively to a new product. Oh my gosh a pimple-it’s the end of the world!!!! Then, I feared the general change that came with going for a whole new look. For many years, I stuck to the products I knew, the products that worked. I didn’t step foot in other makeup departments or stores nor would I let anyone convince me to try something new. I was completely stuck!

Ulta beauty world: Makeup lip stick colors

& Now

Now, I am much more open to trying new products! I am willing to take others’ suggestions, purchase a palette I’ve never heard of and even give up some of my favorite products for something new! Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying the ability to play around with my makeup routine. I am mixing shades, buying new products and changing up my look on the daily. No, I am certainly not doing anything drastic but for me, someone who was completely stuck with a certain set of products, this is new territory.

This change has come around for a couple different reasons. One being that my favorite Chanel makeup counter closed and another being that I started trying new products with my FabFitFun subscription. Additionally, a quick pop in to Ulta to look for one of my “hooked on” products led to an eye opening experience!

Ulta Saves the Day

With all that said, I am sure it comes as no surprise that I am loving the Ulta Beauty world! This mega makeup paradise is like a feeding frenzy for someone like me who is just diving in to being open to trying a new range of products. It’s only been about a month, but I am loving the ability to pop in and peruse the many aisles to find my next favorite product. I’ve purchased everything from chunky eye pencils to liquid eye liner, multiple palettes, matte lipstick, mascara, a new foundation and more! Who is this girl?!

Another major perk of my new Ulta obsession is that they do a pretty kick butt reward system. They have an easy to use app that tells you the number of points you have and the dollar equivalent. There are various reward levels depending on how much you spend per year plus coupons via mail and on the app! It pays to shop!

I plan to review many of the individual products and lines that I’ve purchased but, I just needed to express my love for the Ulta Beauty world in this appreciation post.

For now, I will continue my makeup obsession and play around with new products! If you have one you think I should try, I’d love to know-drop a comment below!

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