New Month Mindset: March

Are you feelin’ lucky? 🍀

New Month Mindset: March. It’s the month of luck so I figured why not focus on that as our mindset this month. However, I have a real dislike for crediting and/or blaming much of what happens in our lives on luck. Yes, I believe that some people are luckier than others. That is in the sense of winning the lottery, hitting the jackpot at the casino, the 50/50 drawing at the football game and the such. But I do not believe that many of our hard earned contributions in this life can be contributed to luck.

New Month Mindset: March


So rather than say this month’s mindset is focused around luck, let’s say it’s all about the hustle. Because I honestly believe that in many cases, we make our own luck.

What I mean by that is that I don’t consider myself to be lucky when I “win” some accolade at work. It wasn’t luck that brought me success with my volunteer and community work. Lucky isn’t what got me my job in the first place. Nor was luck how I or you came to acquire many of the things (materialistic and otherwise) that we have.

We have these “things” in life because we hustled like hell for them. A career? I earned that with my college choices and interview prep. Honors bestowed upon me? Yeah, I worked pretty hard for those too. I use these examples as a way to prove that we are indeed in control of what happens to us in many cases. It is the hustle we put toward the things we want to accomplish that brings us those things in return.

New Month Mindset: March

Making Your Own Luck

This month, let’s focus on making our own luck. Let’s hustle like hell for what we want and go out there and get it. Great things in our lives are not going to just show up at our door step because we wished for them. Great things happen to us when we push fear aside, take charge and get out there.

This post is not about all the various side hustles you could dive into to make a few extra bucks. However if you are looking for those ideas, I highly encourage you to do a quick “hustle” search on Pinterest. There are a lot of blog posts and side hustle ideas out there.

Instead, let’s look at some ways to make our own luck. We can start hustling our way through with hard work to gain the things we want this month and beyond.

  1. Start by deciding what it is you so badly want to accomplish this month. Maybe it is to start a lucrative side hustle or organize some facet of your life that has been making you crazy. Possibly it’s that you want to explore a new career field or go back to school to work on another degree. The first step to the hustle is deciding what you want.
  2. The step piece of the puzzle is mapping out what you need to do in order to obtain the thing from #1. So let’s say you want to earn your MBA. This month you would start looking into what schools near you have this program and/or what online programs seem like a good fit. You could explore the financial aid programs, get in touch with admissions counselors and spend the month gathering together all your research prior to making the final decision.
  3. Finally, the last step in this hustle (don’t worry the hustle continues long after this) is to make it happen. Commit to the degree program, start the side hustle, interview for a new position. Maybe you have decided to focus on fitness so this is the time where you begin. You get out there and start making it happen. As I mentioned, this is only the start of the hustle, it continues long after that very first step.
New Month Mindset: March

Good Luck!

I wish you the best of luck this month. Though I know you don’t need it because you are going to hustle so hard to make your own luck.

I will be sharing what I am hustling for this month in an upcoming blog post which I will post here as well as on my Instagram account. Hint: I’ve already posted a little about my hustle but I plan to make it even bigger and better this month.

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