Poshing Power

It’s finally time to share about my newest side hustle, Poshmark. I’ve been selling on Poshmark since January and honestly, it has already become a major passion of mine! I’ve got the Poshing Power and passion and wanted to take a few minutes to share this new found love of mine and what is it all about. FYI, I have more posts about Posh planned so this is a general high-level overview of what it is and why I love it!

*Disclaimer: The following information may contain an affiliate link meaning that I get a small commission if you sign up/click through at no extra cost to you. You can also read my disclaimer policy here.

Reseller’s Paradise

Poshmark is a reseller’s paradise. Why? Because it is a place where resellers can sell their items with much ease. Though it’s not the only popular reselling marketplace out there, it is currently my favorite! On Poshmark, you literally have the Poshing Power. You can sell everything from clothing to accessories, housewares, and even kids’ items as well! There are several different markets within the platform and hundreds of thousands of sellers with unique items. If you can dream it, you can find it on Poshmark.

You don’t even have to be a reseller to love Posh. Maybe you just want to get rid of unwanted items from your own closet. Or maybe you are a thrifty shopper and want to check out the best deals on designer duds. Well, Poshmark is the place for you because they literally have it all!

Poshing Power

Why I Love It

I love Posh! If you haven’t already figured that out! But let me explain more about why I like it so much. First off, it is really easy to use (look for a how-to coming soon). Like really easy! It’s also insanely simple to sell on the platform. I have sold everything from handbags to shoes, jeans, dresses, and more! These items included things from my own closet as well as goodies I picked up at the local thrift shops (more on that to come too).

Poshmark makes it so easy to sell by offering you the ability to set your own price and drop that price over time as wanted/needed. It clearly tells you how much you will make after their fee of 20% of the purchase total. There is also the ability to send offers to those that have liked your items and you have the freedom to run sales and special offers within your shop.

As a data nerd, another Poshmark trait that I love is how they track and make your stats easy to view and understand. You can easily see how many sales you’ve had, your total sale amount, how many total shares you have, and so much more! Additionally, you can quickly qualify to become an ambassador and get your closet out there in front of even more shoppers. Your stats are very important yet easy to keep up with plus it gives you an added challenge of being the best Posh seller you can be!

Finally, the FAQ’s section is jam-packed with info for new sellers or anyone looking for more information. I used that section a ton when I started in January just to make sure I knew how everything worked. When something occurred that I wasn’t sure about, I could quickly find more information there and felt like I had the support I needed.

Most of All

But the biggest reason I love my poshing power so much is because it has become a very fun way to earn some extra cash flow! I am having fun looking for items that my buyers would want. I love being able to offer a great deal to someone while still turning a profit. It is a blast being able to find hidden gems on the shelves of the thrift stores (prior to the quarantine that is).

The Poshmark community is unlike any other and I have been thrust into this amazing world of resellers which I am enjoying immensely. Poshmark has given me a whole new passion for business and I am thrilled that I get to learn new things as I embark on this reselling journey!


Here are a few key reminders for when using Poshmark if you are already on the platform or to keep in mind when you start. These include some helpful tips, things to avoid, things to try, etc.

  • Take great photos because these will sell your items
  • Write detailed descriptions of each item
  • Include any and all flaws in your descriptions
  • Sell anything from gently used to new with tags in all brands
  • Make sure you share your items daily to your followers and to Posh Parties
  • Price your items a bit above what you want to sell them for to account for offers, sales, and fees
  • Keep track of your inventory and stay organized
  • Check on your stats and pay attention to alerts from Poshmark
  • Share other people’s closets daily and they will return the favor
  • Keep in mind that just because you may not like an item or style, someone else is sure to
  • Sell items you enjoy selling and don’t try to be like any other Posher
  • Don’t be scared off because of how many people are on Posh, you too could be very successful
Poshing Power


Poshmark isn’t just a place for resellers. Who would buy all our goodies if it wasn’t for the shoppers! Poshmark is an excellent place for shoppers of all kinds. Shoppers also have the poshing power! Maybe you like a really good deal on something that you just wouldn’t pay full price for in a store. Or maybe you are all about reusable fashion.

Shoppers looking for a variety of things flock to Poshmark to see what is selling. Great deals on spring trends? It’s there! Finding a BOGO sale-yep there are a lot of those! I’m doing one of those myself right now! Designer fashions at a fraction of retail price? There are a ton of designer wares on Posh! Whether you are looking for a new handbag to get you through the season or maybe you have always wanted a pair of designer shoes, Posh will have something you are or aren’t necessarily looking for!

Searching specific brands or styles is super easy too. You can easily browse items your size, style, and to your specifications. This includes pricepoint. So say you want a Gucci purse but you don’t want to spend more than $500, you can easily adjust your settings to filter out all the tempting but too expensive options. Poshmark definitely looks out for its shoppers and could not make it any easier to find what they are looking for and for the best deal!

How to Join

So maybe you have decided to give it a go either as a seller or as a shopper! That’s awesome! Joining is super easy. Click here and use my name as your referral code “xoxosocialgal” to signup and you will even get some spending credit straight from Posh!

Now all you have to do is get your items ready to sell. Start with photos, a stellar description, know your price point and you are well on your way to being a reseller! You’ve got the Poshing Power!

And if you are shopping, there really is nothing to it! Hit search and look for specific brands you love or start by checking out my and other amazing resellers’ stocked closets!

As I mentioned, be on the lookout for more posts specific to Poshmark. The best way not to miss a thing is to subscribe to my community so you are the first to hear about new posts straight to your email!

Additionally, if you want to shop my closet or just see how I am poshing, you can do so here!

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