A Social Gal’s Top 5: Clothing Brands

A Social Gal's Top 5: Clothing Brands

The first edition of this new series is a list of A Social Gal’s Top 5 Clothing Brands. This list includes my current favorites and why they made the coveted list!

1. Athleta

Athleta is one of my favorite brands for many reasons! Not only do they make high-quality clothing items that last, but they also make the most comfortable items I’ve ever put on my body! Done and done!

Now you may be thinking that duh, their items should be comfy because it is athletic and leisurewear. And you wouldn’t be completely wrong just sort of wrong. Athleta is making more than just yoga pants. They make versatile bottoms that can also be worn on the go and even for work depending on your industry. Besides bottoms, they also make a wide range of jackets, sweaters and other tops that can be worn in a multitude of ways as well as for various occasions.

I could go on and on about Athleta! But my biggest reasons for why they take the number one spot of A Social Gal’s Top 5 Clothing Brands is because of their quality, style, overall affordability, and comfort level. And if you are looking for even better deals on their wares, join their email list so you can be alerted when they put their sale on sale-talk about deals!

2. J.Crew

I have long been a fan of J.Crew! Despite not dressing very preppy myself, I always find great staples at J.Crew. I can almost always put my own spin on their classic pieces as well as wear them in numerous ways.

One of the biggest reasons they come in second on my list is due to their great choices of patterns and materials. J.Crew has a fantastic offering of on-trend styles in great colors. From current patterns to offering a fun take on girly styles, they nail each and every fashion season!

Now on to the number one reason why I love J.Crew so much is that you can find terrific deals on their clothing if you are willing to look. We are lucky enough to have a J.Crew Mercantile store where I live which always has fantastic deals! I’m talking 50% off retail and often even more! I’ve scored clearance items in there for half of their half price! Additionally, J.Crew Factory is a great place to snag this stylish brand and do so on a budget! I share this because I know a lot of people think J.Crew isn’t within their budget. However, it totally can be if you are willing to hunt for the sales!

3. A New Day-Target

Target’s A New Day line is fire! If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out! Real talk, I used to be a brand snob and would have never worn Target and now, I can’t stop buying it!

Coming in at third place on A Social Gal’s Top 5 Clothing Brands, A New Day offers extremely affordable pieces that are both stylish, well made, and trendy. Right now, their spring line is out and it is fabulous. Featuring great prints, pastel colors, and all the popular trends of the season, this line knows what they are doing. And they have quickly become a favorite to pick up for all the reasons described above.

So whether you are looking for a few great pieces to get you through the season on-trend or you want a great staple to add to your closet, this line is sure to have something you will love! And the best part is, it won’t break the bank while you look like a million bucks baby!

4. Altar’d State

If you like girly, dainty, and just plain unique pieces then you will love Altar’d State. They have been one of my favorite brands after discovering that we had a store nearby several years ago. One major reason why they made the list is because they have such stylish pieces. The materials they use like dainty lace, layering, tulle, and more make for unique items that are always fan-favorites.

I get more compliments on pieces I wear from Altar’d State than pretty much any other brand or store. Their clothing is just that great and though they can tend to gear their items to a younger crowd, I would urge you to still give them a try.

5. Blank NYC

I am a jacket lover! Denim, leather, tweed, you name it and I love it. For that reason, Blank NYC rounds out A Social Gal’s Top 5 Clothing Brands. They have fabulous jackets that are uniquely stylish and trendy.

I stumbled upon the brand over a year ago when a distressed denim jacket with gorgeous faux fur caught my eye at TJ Maxx. I didn’t see much of the line until I really dove into buying and selling on Poshmark and now it’s back on my top list. If you are looking to add some great staples to your closet in the form of jackets, Blank NYC should be your first stop! Don’t overlook this gorgeous brand and hint, check Poshmark for a great deal!


Whether you are a recovering brand snob like me or just looking for a few new brands to check out, hopefully A Social Gal’s Top 5 Clothing Brands list gave you something to consider.

Maybe you have heard of these and love them, hate them, or have yet to give them a try, regardless, thanks for checking out my favorites and be sure to drop any of your top brands below as well! Your girl is always looking for new brands to try!

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