A Social Gal’s Top 5: Productivity Apps

A Social Gal's Top 5: Productivity Apps

Welcome to A Social Gal’s Top 5 Productivity Apps! Here we are going to talk about the best apps I have found thus far for encouraging productivity. I will also explain how I use them and why I recommend each.

*Disclaimer: The following tools may contain an affiliate link meaning that I get a small commission if you sign up/click through at no extra cost to you. You can also read my disclaimer policy here.

1. Google docs and sheets

Y’all, I swear by google. I am a fangirl! I use google for everything and I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped my overall level of productivness.

From using docs and sheets (like excel) on my phone and laptop to uploading everything safely to my drive, Google is heaven-sent. What I like about google docs and sheets so much is that they are live documents. Meaning that I can add something to the same document that is open on both my phone and computer. This also comes in handy when utilizing these documents for work because they can easily be shared, edited, or viewed by others. Both docs and sheets are extremely easy to use and have many ways to utilize them to fit your needs.

You probably already knew about both but if you are not taking advantage of the phone apps then you are missing out. These are very easily accessible and help a great deal for a quick way to jot down an idea, update a spreadsheet, or find the info you need right in the palm of your hand.

2. Planoly

I’ve written an entire post about Planoly because that’s how much I love them! And I really do! As far as productivity goes, Planoly is more specific. If you post to Instagram or Pinterest, their services may be perfect for you.

As a content creator myself and a big fan of posting to social media, I use Planoly daily. Let’s be honest, I use it 5+ times a day! Planoly allows me to upload all my content to one place and even see how it will look visually once posted. I can add my captions and schedule it for a certain date and time. Planoly can even post automatically for you if you like that feature.

You can read many more specifics about Planoly in the post (linked above) but the key point to remember here is that this app significantly reduces your time spent planning content. It takes much of the hassle out of it for you thus encouraging optimal productiveness.

If you want to check out Planoly, here is my referral link! Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!

3. Calendar

Another app I could not function without is the calendar. Recently I switched over from using PocketLife to using the iPhone calendar. I adored PocketLife for years and only switched due to work capability.

The calendar app increases my productivity tremendously. From being able to add personal events to sending meeting invites to colleagues, calendar apps are beyond useful. One big reason why I love mine so much is that I have it paired with my watch which then allows reminders to vibrate on my arm so I never miss a beat!

Whether you want to use the calendar app already installed on your phone, iPhone users, or you are looking to add another version, digital calendars are one of the utmost productivity tools I have found.

4. AnyList

AnyList is an app that I found on a whim and have been hooked on ever since. This app keeps getting better too which makes me like it even more.

The gist of the app is that you can make lists for anything. From grocery lists to to-do lists and everything in between, can be made on the app. Items can easily be added, cross-offed, deleted, and categorized. And you can have numerous lists going at one time.

Now for my favorite feature! Your lists are shareable! Meaning that I can send my fiance his chore list for the week and see as he checks it off. This is super handy when it comes to grocery lists if you are the divide and conquer type of couple. The shareable options are unlimited here causing so much productivity in my opinion.

AnyList is free to download and use. And as I mentioned, the features seem to keep getting better and better. It really is an app that you can use to make your life more organized, efficient, and productive. Thus why it’s a major go to on A Social Gal’s Top 5 list: Productivity Apps.

5. Asana

I’m going to keep it real, Asana is not my favorite. Before you roll your eyes and say, why did you include it in your list then, I will share that it is worth knowing about for several reasons.

Asana is a great tool for companies or organizations looking to streamline their collaboration. It’s a great tool for creating projects that can be assigned to various team members and managed efficiently in one place. I have used Asana to my benefit and I can see why a lot of people really like it. Thus why it made the list despite not being my favorite.

The app can greatly help your productivity if you are working with a team. Not that it can’t help you as an individual but this one has more benefits for those looking to increase their ease of collaboration. There is a free version with limited capabilities and various paid versions of it as well.

Some of the key features of Asana that make it so likable include, the ability to streamline tasks and assign them out, easy checkoff systems, and the ability to organize tasks by groupings. I am in no way an Asana expert so I am sure there are features I do not know about but I will share that Asana is a great app for your overall team’s productivity. I would suggest looking into each of the features to see what it is you need and would work best for your level of needs.


Apps are a great way to increase productivity regardless of what you are looking for. A Social Gal’s Top 5: Productivity Apps includes a little bit of everything whether you are working solo or with a team.

I hope you take a few minutes and look into some of these apps if you have not already. If you love any of the above, feel free to drop a comment below and let me know which one and why!

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A Social Gal's Top 5: Productivity Apps

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