Grammarly’s Got You!

Grammarly's Got You

Calling all writers, content creators, emailers, and the like! If you are are not using Grammarly then you, my friend are missing out! Why? Because Grammarly’s got you! In this post, I am going to break down why Grammarly is not only an amazing blog tool but a useful one for anyone that spends a lot of time behind a screen in a writing capacity.

*Disclaimer: The following resources contain an affiliate link meaning that I get a small commission if you sign up/click through at no extra cost to you. You can also read my disclaimer policy here.

Break It Down

Grammarly is a virtual writing assistant with numerous capabilities. Grammarly will check everything from your spelling to punctuation, grammar, and more. The site shares that they check for over 250 types of errors-now that is a lot of proofing! We will get into some of those features in just a moment.

Currently, Grammarly is offered as a Chrome extension that is easy to use. It is downloaded once and added right to your browser. From there, everything you write will be checked by their software. Grammarly works as you do to identify errors and enhancements in all of your written work.

Grammarly easily and clearly communicates how you can improve your errors. It will underline your errors and suggest edits. Additionally, Grammarly has many features some paid and some free to level up your writing and make it even better. As I mentioned, Grammarly’s got you in more ways that one!

Grammarly's Got You

Editing/Proofreading Features

Now that you know what it is, let’s look at the features of the free version:

  • spell check
  • easy one-click corrections
  • punctuation proofing additions and deletions
  • tone detection
  • options to ignore changes, add to dictionary or see more info about it
  • ability to turn off Grammarly for a certain section of writing
  • clarity enhancements such as words to be removed that are not necessary for overall understanding
  • word count by characters, words, sentences
  • read and speaking times
  • readability including word and sentence length
  • overall readability score by section
  • vocabulary breakdown
  • engagement and delivery scale

For the premium version, all of the above are included plus additional and upgraded features such as:

  • consistency in spelling and punctuation
  • fluency
  • upgraded readability results
  • politeness and confident language detection
  • formality levels
  • inclusive language results
  • plagiarism
  • compelling vocabulary
  • sentence variety
  • passive voice misuse
  • compound/complex sentences edits

This is just a brief look at the features of the two types of plans. You can view their breakdown of both plans as well as their plan specifically for businesses here.

My Experience

Grammarly’s Got You & me, that is for sure! I have been using Grammarly for a few months now and I truly do swear by it! I mainly use it for writing my blog posts and have found it to be very beneficial in many ways. First off, it quickly allows me to fix my simple spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes with one click. I can type freely knowing it will catch errors and I can fix these once I have put my thoughts down.

Additionally, I very much enjoy the tone feature. As someone putting together blog posts with intended purposes, knowing what the tone of various sections is, is very helpful. I also like all the options for checking clarity and the ability to find ways to make my writing that much better.

Grammarly has made my writing so much better that I even joined their affiliate program. So many of the links included here will take you to join Grammarly either for free, the premium version, or even for your business if that fits your needs. If you are interested in knowing more about my experience, feel free to drop your questions below.

Why You Need It

If you fall into any of the following categories, you need Grammarly:

  • you write
  • you write
  • you write

All joking aside, I am serious. If you are a fellow blogger, Grammarly will be a definite asset to you like it is me. Are you a frequent email sender whether for work, personal, or in addition to your side hustle? Grammarly’s got you on that. They can even check your emails to make sure your tone is what you intended and make sure you sound every bit as intelligent as you are (and sometimes even more so)!

One aspect they are now BETA testing the last time I checked (spring 2020) was their services on google docs. I have the ability to utilize it there but just in a slightly different capacity. Though I am sure this is coming very soon. Grammarly really does it all and is there for you to make sure your writing is clear, concise, proofed and edited!

Don’t Watch Your Back

No need to because Grammarly’s got you when it comes to your writing. You may be thinking that you are already a darn good writer. Honestly, I felt the same. I am pretty precise when it comes to grammar and I play by the English rules. However, I quickly learned like with anything, I can be so much better! That is all in thanks to Grammarly.

Grammarly has allowed me to improve my writing skills, put together an intended and clear message to my readers, and just overall feel supported in my writing. I often cannot believe that I am using these services completely free and highly recommend you give it a try!

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Grammarly's Got You

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