A Social Gal’s Top 5: Quarantine Lessons Learned

Quarantine Lessons Learned

Life is slowly returning to some semblance of “normal” and I use that word lightly. There is definitely a new normal now. At least there is for me. A Social Gal’s Top 5: Quarantine Lessons Learned is just that. It is a look at 5 takeaways from my time being quarantined then how I am taking that experience and applying it to life now.

1. Hustle Happenings

It probably comes as no surprise to you that I am talking about the hustle because I do this a decent amount. One of the biggest lessons I learned during the quarantine is how much I enjoy my side hustles (this blog included). With more time to spend on them, I have been able to develop more content both here and on social. The amount I was able to get accomplished in those 3 months of being home pretty much 24/7 would have taken me 2-3 times longer under different circumstances. It is definitely a positive outcome during a challenging period of time. I am thankful to have had these side hustles during the quarantine for both monetary and time purposes. They not only helped to fill my days but gave me an extra stream of income. The lesson here, if you can, find a side hustle!

2. Self-Care is Key

I’ve always been a big believer in self-care and my time in quarantine reinforced this even more. Self-care makes the Social Gal’s Top 5: Quarantine Lessons Learned because it is so important. COVID hit hard. It changed life as we knew it and one thing that was easy to succumb to was all the sadness and negativity that the pandemic brought (especially as seen in the media). In order to remain positive, healthy, and frankly, to stay sane, I indulged in a lot of self-care. This ranged from time spent watching tv to hitting the Starbucks drive-thru for my happy medicine, coffee. The lesson here, self-care is critical especially during more challenging and trying times. I knew this before but the idea was really hit home during the pandemic.

3. Social Media is a Beast

Not sure if this one is more of a lesson learned or a realization. I knew social media was a hot spot but I learned over quarantine just how hot it is for creators, businesses, and the like. During quarantine, social media usage quadrupled and not surprisingly. More and more people were spending time on social media as a way to pass time. I learned a lot about social media during my time spent diving deeper into it during the quarantine. A lot of these strategies I am now implementing and even sharing in my tips and resources sections of the blog. Social media was a beast before and is even bigger now! The lesson here is, utilize it to your businesses’ benefit! The time is now!

4. Significant Other

Another important one on A Social Gal’s Top 5: Quarantined Lessons Learned was that my significant other, Andrew, and I still like each other. That may generate a laugh from you but I am serious. I think quarantine can bring out the worst in you. You are working from home, cannot get out & about, stress levels are high, change is everywhere and your significant other is always there. We were both lucky enough to continue working from home in tighter quarters and we made it! We had our moments of course but we were able to make it work. And by the end of the quarantine, we decided we still liked each other and if we can get through that confinement, we can definitely get through as life slowly returns to normal. The lesson is, couples that quarantine successfully together, stay together.

5. Online Shopping

Finally, the last lesson is that online shopping really isn’t that bad. Pre-COVID, I despised online shopping. It was a rare occurrence and basically only happened when items couldn’t be purchased anywhere but online or if it was something I needed. During COVID, I had to get my shopping fix in and the only way to do that was online. Thus, I found myself exploring the world of online shopping and realized I did not hate it. I came to look forward to getting a few packages delivered every few weeks and it also helped my self-care that I talked about in #2! Win-Win!


As mentioned, life is slowing getting back to what it once was. But I truly believe we won’t go back to what “normal” was before. And for that matter, I hope we don’t. There has been a lot to learn from this period of quarantine and though there has been much sadness surrounding it, there has also been a positive change. I am choosing to embrace the lessons I learned during my 3ish months spent staring at the same walls and this computer screen. I am letting it make me a better person.

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A Social Gal's Top 5: Quarantine Lessons Learned

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