Moving: A Reflection

Moving sucks! That is my Moving: A Reflection. Just kidding, but not really! I am so glad we moved and we are thrilled (over the moon style) with our new place but the actual act of moving itself stinks. In this post, I am going to reflect on the move process as well as give you my tips for hopefully getting through it a little better than we did! This is real talk ya’ll so here we go.


Leading up to our move was fairly simple. Everything went smoothly with contracts, paperwork, and the such. Now mind you, our move was less complicated because we went from one unit to another in the same building! You are probably shaking your head and saying, “Lauren, what could go wrong! You moved in your same building-stop complaining!” Well, just keep reading!

Like I said, the lead up to the move was simple, quick, and not overwhelming at all. Thank goodness!

First, we took several days and did a deep purge of our kitchen and other areas. We are stuff people so we took some of that “stuff” and determined what could be donated and what needed to go off to the storage unit. We felt ready to move because we took the time to inventory some of our spaces and get rid of items prior to the actual move.

Additionally, we bought some items that we knew we would need and/or want for the move. Some of this included furniture while others were more simple like storage containers and decor. More on whether this was a smart move (literally) or not in just a bit.

Overall, we thought we were ready for the more. Emphasis being on “thought.”

The Move Itself

For this Moving: A Reflection, I want to talk about what went well and what went wrong in hopes it can help some of ya’ll embarking on your own moving adventures! Here’s how it went.

What Went Well

  • We managed to finish in the allotted time
  • Most everything went to the spot it belonged in the new space
  • Didn’t forget anything (that we know of)
  • Created the minimalist style we were aiming for
  • Our decor has worked perfectly
  • We love the new space
  • We didn’t break too many things in the process
  • Andrew and I are still happily engaged (the #1 win)

What Went Wrong

  • We underestimated how long it would take
  • Nearly ran out of time
  • The kitchen overwhelmed us and is still not fully organized
  • Took on doing our storage unit during the move which delayed us
  • Lost focus several times and procrastinated in various ways
  • I broke part of the new glass stovetop
  • Wore ourselves out too soon and too early in the days
  • Struggled with time management
  • Didn’t box much up prior to moving
  • Focused on less important projects at times
  • Ended up with too many kitchen gadgets for the cabinet space
  • We thought I broke my toe the second day

As you can see, the move itself had its up and downs. We learned a lot. And I mean a lot. As someone that likes to learn and grow, I am okay (now) with the fact that some things went wrong because I think it will help us when we go to move next (in a million years because I don’t want to do that again any time soon).

Moving Tips

I shared what went right and wrong in this Moving: A Reflection. Now here are my tips for moving (the act of itself) based on our experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Give yourself more time than you think you will need
  • Do not underestimate the amount of stuff you have
  • Have a solid pre-move plan like boxing up some stuff and doing a big purge of what you need/can go to storage (if applicable)
  • Be as organized as humanly possible-move most important items first
  • Have a strategy going into the move
  • Use time management wisely based on how long you have to actually move
  • Rest and rejuvenate yourself periodically each day
  • Focus on one task at a time
  • Be patient with yourself, the process and most importantly, your partner or those helping you move
  • Work efficiently but don’t rush and break things (cough, cough-me)

A Survival Story

We survived. Indeed, Moving: A Reflection is a survival story.

We knew moving was challenging. We’ve both done it multiple times before. Heck, I moved 300+ miles and several states away. We made one major mistake and that was with our mindset. And you know how much I love mindsets (hint).

Our initial mindset was that we would be “fine” and it was our downfall. I am a planner and even I had the mindset that we could get it all done no problem. Until it was a problem.

3 days. . .

We had three days to get moved including getting the previous place in a fully cleaned condition.

So two people and one old dog moved:

  • a 5 piece sectional couch
  • 300 + pairs of shoes
  • a DIY 20+ brick tv stand
  • 8 million kitchen gadgets
  • multiple guitars
  • pantry full of food
  • a new desk, kitchen stools, bookshelves, etc.
  • porch full of furniture
  • way too many clothes and accessories
  • and countless other items

It was fun y’all! Just kidding! But honestly, we are better for it. We had one almost broken turned black and blue toe, a few bruises, a cracked glass top stove and a few other boo-boos along the way. But, we are happy, healthy and all moved in! Woop!


As mentioned, I hope the takeaway from this post is that you will survive your move too. Sure, it will suck. And you will eat crappy fast food for a few days which will make you feel sick but you will survive. You might hurt your toe. You might yell at your partner and you might cry, but you will get through it. And typically once you are through it, you will be so glad you moved!

So I am sending you a lot of good luck and a virtual high five because you got this! If you aren’t currently moving or thinking about moving, then you, my friend are one smart person!

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