A Social Gal’s Top 5: Re-Seller Inventory Tools

Re-Seller Inventory Tools

This week, I am focusing on helping out my fellow re-sellers by sharing A Social Gal’s Top 5: Re-Seller Inventory Tools. These 5 tools are what I use and find to be most helpful when it comes to inventorying my items.

Though inventorying is one of the least favorite parts of re-selling for many, it is also one of the most important. Who wants to run around desperately trying to find an item that they just sold? Not this girl and regardless, my type-A organized self could not stand that! So here is what I do to stay organized, inventoried, and sane.

1. Reusable Plastic Bags

For storing the majority of my inventory (dresses and tops), I use plastic bags. I use bags for several reasons. They keep the item safe and clean, it helps with organization and it condenses the items so that I can store them more efficiently. I have tried two different sizes of bags and like both for different reasons. I ordered these (linked here) 2-gallon bags for larger items and these (link) 1 gallon for the majority of dresses and tops. The 2-gallon bags are big however they are helpful for storing jackets and bulky sweaters as well as the occasional maxi dress. Finally, the number one perk for using these bags is that they are reusable. I do not ship my items in these bags as to not waste them. I easily remove the item once it sells and use the bag for my next sourced item.

2. Cloth Storage Cubes

Recently I gave my inventory system an overhaul with the addition of a room just for my side hustles where I can store all my supplies. With that came wanting to store my items in something that was both functional and decorative. Which led me to purchase these (link) cloth storage cubes which work perfectly on my shelf (see #3). The storage bins are magical because I can then color code each and easily store my recently inventoried items. Using these bins makes it easy to find an item once it sells and they can hold a lot (up to 20 some items each). There are a ton of ways to store items but if you are looking for a more decorative and clean way to store items, this is one great idea!

3. Decorative Storage Shelf

Like in #2, I wanted a shelf that was both efficient and decorative for my new Posh office. This shelf (link) works perfectly for me because it stores 10 of the storage cubes from above, is sturdy enough to hold this weight, leaves room for storing a few other items on it, and it looks great while doing all of the above. I really love the height and width of this shelf and how much it can hold without taking up too much space like others I researched. I highly recommend it if you are looking to add a shelf or two into your inventory system. In my personal opinion, shelves are one of the easiest ways to house a lot of inventory in one clean and efficient space. Thus why it makes the A Social Gal’s Top 5: Re-Seller Inventory Tools.

4. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is my best friend when it comes to inventory these days. I started my re-selling journey using paper and pen to write down my items, measurements, etc. But as my business continues to grow, I realize that I need something more efficient. I was already tracking my sales, etc. in google sheets and decided to start a tab specifically for inventory.

Game-changer! I highly recommend recording your inventory for various reasons. First off, it’s organized. Tracking it digitally is also a huge plus. One, because it automatically saves (if you use google sheets), it is easy to use and is mobile. I can easily track everything from what I paid for the item, what I am selling it for, what my goal ROI is, where the item is stored, and more. This bit of inventory organization has saved me a lot of time! I cannot suggest you do so enough.

5. Work System

I know this one is vague and doesn’t have any fun links but it is important. When it comes to inventory tools, the best thing you can have is a work system that works for you. A work system that is working for me may or may not work for you and vice versa. You need to find what works for you and your business.

Figure out what makes you most efficient based on the space, tools, and resources you have. You do not need a ton of space, money, or items in order to have a highly efficient work system. Simply try out some ways of doing it and see what is and is not working. The reason I can say this with confidence is because I did not start out with any of the items above. None of them. Yet, here I am telling you about A Social Gal’s Top 5: Re-Seller Inventory Tools because I spent time seeing what did and did not work for my business. I know, you can do it too.

You Got the Tools

You have everything you need to make your inventory system a success. Take the time to figure out what works best. Then you will be well on your way to having an organized and efficient inventory system. Even if organization is not your thing, you can still implement bits and pieces here and there to see how you can make life easier. The reason why I love organization so much is because it makes me much faster at what I do and time is money, my friends!

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Re-Seller Inventory Tools

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