New Month Mindset: September

New Month Mindset: September

We are back after taking August off from much blogging at all including the New Month Mindset for the month! But here we are with the New Month Mindset: September which is focused purely on learning. And learning, we sure are!

Why Learning?

Because tis’ the season! We have all been dealt a brand new set of cards these last few months. And a lot, I repeat, a lot of learning has had to occur in order to endure. So why not spend the month focusing on how we can learn from all we have had to endure and see what takeaways we can come out with.

What have you learned?

Press pause for a moment. Reflect on all that you have learned these past few months while living through a global pandemic. Most likely you have never lived through something quite like this and I sure hope we won’t ever again. Personally, I know I have learned tons from this season of life and truly am better for it.

So I’ll start. I learned that I am way more resilient than I thought I was. Going from being a super social person with events, functions, social gatherings and generally being out and about to safe at home for months was nothing short of interesting. Yes, there were hard moments but we endured, survived, and at times, even thrived. I learned that focusing on what I could control and putting my energy into my passion projects kept my mind off the pandemic and all the negative that came with it. In short, I learned that I can and will get through hard times in a variety of ways and will come out on the other side better for living through it.

Maybe you had a similar experience. Or maybe you took my question a little more literally and thought of all the new skills you learned while quarantined. From technology to DIY, projects, degrees, and more, a lot of people spent their time at home doing all the things.

Regardless of which way you took that reflection, I encourage you to make a list. Look at all you have been able to accomplish during these challenging times. I bet and hope it will make you feel good about all you have been able to do while living through a pandemic. Not everyone can say that.

Learning Curve

As the new fall season is upon us, we are in for yet another learning curve. Whether it be with back to school challenges, changes in remote or virtual working to all the changes that come with our country and the world starting to re-open. There is no doubt that this is not over and that more change is inevitable.

But we don’t have to take that as a bad thing. We can use this learning curve to continue to grow and thrive through the things we are going through. Sure, survival is important but thriving is even better. Personally, I don’t want to just survive but thrive during this period of life challenges.

So I am keeping New Month Mindset: September (and probably a little into next month as well)’s challenge to you short and sweet. Learn. Learn through these things that you did not plan nor want to go through. Then take what you have learned and make yourself better for it. Would you rather look back on this period of life and say, “Wow, I really did my best to thrive” or say, “Dang, I wish I would have made the most out of that season of life but I didn’t.”

Get out there and start surviving, thriving and learning y’all!

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