The Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020

Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020

It’s officially fall y’all! It is time for the Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020 where we take a look at what’s trending this season. If you haven’t already guessed, fall fashion is my jam and I cannot wait to bust out these styles and more this season. Without further ado, here are the trends for Fall 2020 taken from various sources around the fashion world.

Big Picture Trends

Trends this season fall in line with what traditionally tends to be popular this time of year. Think chunky knit sweaters, plaid, dark denim, boots, and more boots! Of course, there are some specific styles that are really on fire right now and we will get into that in a few moments.

When it comes to the colors of the season, think jewel tunes such as sapphire, ruby, and jade. These rich colors along with the always popular neutral to brown tones will rule the season. And as it usually is, fall is all about layers which is easy to do as the air becomes crisper and temps begin to drop.

Fall Fashion Specifics

The following are 10 of the most popular trends out there for the fall/autumn season. This list includes a little bit of everything and like it is every new season, the trends include a variety of styles and variations. See if your favorites made the list and what you already have in your closets to use to start trending this season!


Coats made with or including shearling are all the trend this fall. Both soft, warm, and functional, this trend will definitely keep you warm and happy. Plus you will be right on style. Recently I have seen this trend make a big appearance when paired with denim. Denim jackets with shearling lining and coats with shearling cuffs are catching on and soon to be all the rage.


Dresses and skirts with pleats are one popular Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020 trend. This trend doesn’t need much explanation, so I will just say that the old school pleats (pun intended) are in.


Personally, I am super happy to see cardigans hitting the top lists for The Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020. This is one we are all likely to have somewhere in our closet just ready to be worn. The trend here seems to be chunky knits and long cuts and styled any way you want. Additionally, the color spectrum for this trend is wide open so you can stick to the basics or play around with pops of color all while being right on-trend. For an added look, button-up cardigans worn closed or open are on point.


Suits are back this season and are popping up in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether it is a tailored jacket paired with trouser pants for that perfect suited look or part of the outfit paired with other staples, that suited look is back and trending like crazy. Hint for fall-go with natural tones or pops of bright color. And don’t be afraid to add in that pinstripe or pattern.

The ’80s

If you haven’t noticed, many recent styles have been inspired by the ’80s. From the once was and recently popular “mom” jean to hair scarves, jean jackets, chunky heels, cheetah print, bright neons, and the list goes on. Several trends included in this fall list are even inspired by styles from the ’80s. That doesn’t mean to break out your fishnets and tube socks but you should definitely look to this decade for some fashion inspiration.


The patchwork style is making its way onto the fall fashion scene. From jeans with pieced together patchwork to jackets with that upcycled look. And some even are vintage patchwork adding to the up-cycled use of this trend. Regardless, patchwork is trending and a totally acceptable look this season.

Colored Leather

When you think of the Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020 I am sure you think of leather. Real or vegan, leather tends to be in each and every autumn. This year it is back but with a twist. Colored leather has been making its appearance in a variety of ways from jackets to skirts, bags, and shoes. In my opinion, I say don’t skip this trend. Because there are so many fun ways to put your own spin on it this season. Hint: since leather is trending so much, the stores are full of a variety of styles so you can find many budget-friendly ways to add some faux leather to your wardrobe.

Chunky Boots

The chunky boots have been everywhere as stores gear up for fall fashion. Think clunky soles, the thicker the better. This trend can be found with many different styles from boots to sneakers and even some heels. So get yourself a chunky pair of boots and get stepping into fall ya’ll. And if you need a designer that knows how to do chunky boots, check out my favorite, Jeffrey Campbell.


The metallic shades trending this fall are a lot of fun. Gold and silver are all the rage and can be incorporated into any outfit in any way the fashionista sees fit. Dresses seem to be one of the more popular ways to wear this trend yet any way you can mix that hint of shine into your look will work just as well. Personally, I plan to use this trend more for a glitzier night out or on a really great statement heel.


Is it even fall if you don’t bust out a super cute hat like all those IG influencers do in their adorable photos? Though it is not my thing, the larger brim hats to fedoras and even the caps are in action this fall. Snag yourself a basic hat and wear it all season long. Added bonus, bad hair days be gone!

My Take on the Trends

My opinion on the Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020 is that it is looking pretty good. Personally, fall fashion has been a long time favorite of mine. From jackets to sweaters, boots and cardigans, fall fashion leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Just like any other season, the trends are there as inspiration not as a set of rules. Be you. Wear what you like. Rock your fall trends or your own style without care. That’s the beauty of the fashion world, everyone’s style is unique and perfect as it is.

Happy Fall ya’ll!

I hope the official start of fall is off to a good start for ya’ll both in terms of fashion and otherwise. Enjoy the cooler temps, cozier clothes, and all the basic-ness that comes with the season! And if you have a favorite trend from above, drop a comment and let me know what it is!

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Fall Fashion Frenzy 2020

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