The Orangetheory Fitness Dri-Tri: An Experience


This past weekend, I crushed my very first Orangetheory Fitness Dri-Tri. This endurance challenge is not to be taken lightly yet also not to be feared. It is an excellent opportunity to test your will and determination and of course, your cardio. I signed up for the challenge without knowing much about it but a quick google search helped me learn a little more about what I just signed myself up for. So to add to the knowledge I learned from others experiences, I am going to layout “The Orangetheory Fitness Dri-Tri: An Experience” so that it can hopefully help others tackling their first!

The Exercises

The exercises for the Dri-Tri are broken into three parts. These are all completed back to back with little to no rest in between. The three parts include rowing, body reps, and the run in that exact order. I will go into detail about each one below.

The Row

First up is the row. And it is a long row at that. 2,000 meters to be exact. This row is at your pace but definitely think of it as a push to an all-out because your Dr-Tri is being timed of course.

Body Reps

As soon as you finish your row, it is off to the weigh floor to do your body reps. By body reps, OTF means that you won’t be using any equipment to complete it other than the bench. The exercises are completed in the order listed below which also includes the number of reps for each. After you go through these 150 reps once, you get to do it all over again a second time right after you finish the first.

  1. 40 bench hops
  2. 20 squat bench taps
  3. 40 step-ups
  4. 20 push-ups
  5. 20 plank jacks
  6. 10 burpees

The Run

The last up of the three parts is the run on the treadmill. The run for the Dri-Tri is a 5k or 3.1 miles. You pick the pace but again remember that the entire thing is being timed. And you are in competition with not only everyone else but yourself. And for those of you that know about OTF’s notorious inclines, don’t worry, there are no inclines involved in the Dri-Tri unless you choose to do them yourself.


So above I explained the three parts of the Dri-Tri but let’s talk about the timing of it some more. As I mentioned, the exercises are completed in the above order, and how fast you do them or how much rest time you take in between is completely up to you. Typically the row takes between 6-8 minutes and the body rep exercises take under 10. The longest piece of the Dri-Tri is of course the 5k run. But with varying running paces, it can be hard to say how long this portion will take you. Keep in mind that at this point in the Dri-Tri event, your legs are pretty burnt out from 2,000 meters of rowing and 300 body rep exercises. Not to mention, you are pretty physically tired at this point in the challenge as well.

As for timing overall, Dri-Tri times seem to vary but the majority of people complete it in an hour or less.

My First Go

This was my very first Dri-Tri and as I said, I mostly went into it not knowing what to expect. To be honest, I did not go in very prepared. I mostly treated it like another daily OTF class.

The back story on this was that we had been hitting OTF hard for several months starting back in January (we had been going on a weekly basis before that just not as much). We joined the Weight Loss Challenge which ran from January through early March and really worked hard on our physical and mental conditioning. Going between 4-5 times a week will definitely make you feel strong. So when the opportunity to sign up for the Dri-Tri at the end of the challenge in mid-March came up, I was all for it.

Well then I bet you can all guess what hit. Yeah, COVID. And we did not work out in a serious capacity for several months being isolated and all. Because I had already paid my $25 entrance fee for the Dri-Tri back in March, my OTF studio asked if I wanted to do the next one. I said of course. So I definitely went into it less prepared than I was back in March after several months of serious training but nonetheless, I was thrilled to compete and complete my first one!

experience overall

Experience Overall

In all, I loved the Dri-Tri. My Orangetheory Fitness Dri-Tri: An Experience was an extremely positive one in many ways. I challenged myself to do something I had never done. And I completed it in a decent time. I pushed myself to a point I haven’t done before in that capacity and I ultimately came out better for it.

Additionally, I loved the camaraderie that my studio had during the Dri-Tri. The coaches were all there cheering us on and coaching us through every challenge. My fellow competitors were all very encouraging of one another and though it was a competition of sorts, it still felt very much like a team event. The atmosphere was very comparable to that of a run/race so it was a great deal of fun and exciting for all!

I would 100% do the Dri-Tri again. Actually, I am planning on it. Typically the event is held every 6 months so I am already starting that count down.

Goal For the Next One

Speaking of the next Dri-Tri, I already have several goals in mind. For starters, I want to finish in 55 minutes or under which would mean shaving a solid 5+ minutes off my time. This shaved off time will most likely have to come off my row or run time. The body rep portion is harder to speed up. That means that I will need to train my body to be faster for longer durations of both row and run time. Can I do it? Absolutely!

Additionally, another goal is to go in slightly more prepared. This is in regards to my rest and food intake prior to the Dri-Tri. I could have definitely fueled my body better in the days leading up to it. And I plan to do so the next time around. Now that I know how it goes, how it feels, and what is going to be asked of my body, I can prepare a little bit better to be that much stronger.


To wrap up this Orangetheory Fitness Dri-Tri: An Experience post, I just want to tell you how strong you are. Whether you have done several Dri-Tri’s, are getting ready for your first, or saying absolutely not to ever doing one, you are strong. I wish you well on your fitness journey whatever that may look like!

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