A Social Gal’s Top 5: Amazon Buys

Amazon Buys

Let’s be real, we all know that Amazon is a powerhouse when it comes to online shopping. This week’s A Social Gal’s Top 5: Amazon Buys lays out my favorite items ever purchased from the popular retailer. And trust me, it was not easy to narrow it down to only 5.

1. Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

The makeup organizer of my dreams came from Amazon. It’s true. I was looking to declutter my multiple makeup drawers and make everything look super clean, organized, and most importantly, functional. This clear organizer has two long drawers, 2 short drawers, and 12+ spaces on the top for a variety of items. The drawers are deep enough to fit compacts and concealers while the space on the top is perfect for individual brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, and such. The best part other than the organization capabilities of this product is that it did not break the bank at $15.00. My makeup loving gals, you are going to want this goodie. Shop it right here.

2. Oversized Throw Pillow Covers

When we moved, I wanted to go with a new color scheme which started with throw pillows. For our new sectional sofa, I wanted really large throw pillows but struggled to find these both in-store and online so of course, I took to Amazon. I was able to separately purchase over-stuffed throw pillows and the perfect covers to go over them. These Phantoscope pillows come in a variety of colors and sizes. Including the pink we purchased in the 26×26 inch size. They are velvety, smooth and so comfortable. Definitely our new favorite pillows and well-worth making A Social Gal’s Top 5: Amazon Buys list. Shop all the options here.

3. Flower Reed Diffuser Sticks

This one may seem silly to have on my list, but once you have given this product a try, I bet you will sing a different tune. I love diffusers and we decided to add some really pretty ones to our new space. Instead of going with traditional diffuser sticks like the ones that come with the oil, I chose these beautiful flower-shaped ones. Not only are they pretty but they soak up and diffuse a ton of oil. It does not take very many of them to quickly and easily start diffusing. A pack of 20 sells for $20 which is a steal for these in my opinion. See how pretty they are here.

4. Re-Selling Tools

I couldn’t pick just one re-selling tool to include in the A Social Gal’s Top 5: Amazon Buys list so I am sharing several. From Amazon, I have purchased some of my favorite tools for running my re-selling business. This includes my amazing steamer plus a fantastic sweater shaver. My thank you stickers, twine, and poly-mailers have all come from Amazon. Additionally, I’ve scored an excellent shipping scale, a sewing kit for fixing any little flaws, and my scotty peeler which saves my manicures when taking stickers off shoes specifically. Amazon is truly my go-to when it comes to buying these items for my business at realistic price points and with really fast shipping. Follow me on social to see all of these items and more in action.

5. Chandelier

You are probably saying, WHAT! You bought a chandelier off Amazon? And yes, you read that correctly. I bought a chandelier off Amazon and I love it. In my office space, I needed a new overhead light and wanted something pretty and classic. Enter a flush-mounted small sized chandelier that is absolutely perfect in the space. I could not love this particular lighting fixture anymore as it really is perfect for what I wanted/needed. Check it out right here and see for yourself.

Online Shopping

Amazon has revolutionized our online shopping experiences. We now all want shipping as fast as 2 day Prime Amazon shipping and prices as low as they offer. I’m hooked. Many of my friends are hooked. And I even got my parents hooked on finding the items they couldn’t easily find elsewhere on Amazon. A Social Gal’s Top 5: Amazon Buys list could go on and on but these few are well-worth sharing with you.

If you have a favorite Amazon purchase, feel free to comment below and find other Top 5 posts on all sorts of topics, right here.


Amazon Buys

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